Veridis inaugurates the largest waste sorting facility in the north with an investment of NIS 125 million
07, March 2021
Asset: Veridis

Veridis, a company owned by Delek Automotive, Israel Infrastructure Fund and Harel Insurance, has inaugurated the largest waste sorting plant in the north of Israel. The sorting plant established in the industrial area of ​​Afula, with an investment of NIS 125 million, is expected to absorb more than 40,000 tons of waste per month, and separate the waste into various types – organic, plastic, cardboard and more.

About 45% of the incoming waste is separated as organic material that is transferred to compost production, about 6% of the incoming waste is separated into recyclable raw materials such as cardboard, plastic and metals, and the rest will be transferred to landfill or recycling. The establishment of the plant is part of the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s strategy for the treatment, sorting and recycling of waste in order to reduce the landfill rate to 20% of waste in 2030 compared to 80% today. The Ministry of Environmental Protection gave the project a construction grant of NIS 37 million.

Veridis, managed by Ilan Ben Simon, began construction of the plant in 2019, and it is considered to be the sorting plant with the most advanced means and technologies in Israel, in addition to the RDF plant that Veridis established and operates in Hiriya. The plant was built in a closed structure, while meeting the most stringent environmental standards. The plant will absorb waste from dozens of localities and cities in the northern region from Hadera to the Eastern Galilee. The new plant was established near the existing transit and sorting station, which began operating in 1986 and was the first sorting station in Israel.