The Art of Appreciating Assets

IIF are pioneers and visionaries in Israel’s infrastructure sector. Over time, we’ve learned a fundamental truth about investing in infrastructure: The more we appreciate the value of an asset, the more it appreciates in value.

Who We Are

IIF has built a reputation for being reliable investors with a deep understanding of every facet of infrastructure assets. Our 14-year track record of originating, managing, and successfully exiting complex transactions is unmatched. We are dedicated to two things first and foremost: delivering the best possible value for all our investors and providing the most reliable, high-quality services to the people who rely on our assets every day.

$2.6 + Billion

Our Approach

Deep operational involvement and engagement with management and stakeholders is the key to maximizing returns and minimizing risk. When investing in an asset our commitment is absolute. Our aim is to create long-term value regardless of unforeseen challenges that may arise during the life cycle of an investment.