Israeli Government buys more desalinated water as rains seen failing again
05, November 2017

With Israel facing a fifth successive drought year, the desalination plants are stepping up output.

Yesterday, the government completed the purchase of additional quantities of water from the desalination plants at Palmahim, Sorek, Ashkelon and Hadera. The purchase was announced jointly today by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources, and the Israel Water Authority.

According to the Water Authority’s models and forecasts, Israel can expect another relatively dry winter, following on from a rare sequence of four successive drought years. The government therefore increased the quantity of desalinated water that it will buy from the desalination plants by 75 million cubic meters up to the end of 2018, of which 8 million cubic meters will be produced in 2017.
The tender for the supply of extra desalinated water began a few weeks ago, after the estimates of the quantities of water Israel would require in 2018 were drawn up.

“The agreement with the franchisees was conducted in such a way as to promote the receipt of the additional quantities of water as soon as possible this year. The additional quantities are substantial, amounting almost to the annual output of a single desalination plant. The purchase will give significant support to the water economy in the near future, with the star of the extra supply expected today,” the joint announcement said.