Current Investments

ViaMaris Desalination Holdings

Sector: Water
Investment Date: August 2014

Via Maris is both the concessionaire and operator of a desalination plant near Palmahim, one of 5 desalination plants in Israel. In 2002 Via Maris signed an agreement with the State of Israel to build, finance and operate a 30 million CM per annum desalination facility under a BOO (Build, Own, Operate) scheme.The plant started operation in 2007. In 2009, Via Maris expanded the facility to 45 million CM and in October 2011, the company agreed to double the annual output of the facility to 90 million CM.

The desalinated water is purchased by the Israeli Government on a ‚Äútake or pay‚ÄĚ basis and managed by the Water Desalination Authority (WDA) which is responsible for the supply, storage and distribution of desalinated water.