Current Investments

Veridis Environment

Sector: Environmental Services
Investment Date: July 2017

Veridis focuses on developing and implementing services and projects in four complementary business sectors – waste, water, energy and soil remediation. Its expertise includes: waste collection and recycling, sea water desalination, wastewater treatment, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and contaminated soil remediation.

Veridis is considered a pioneer in the environmental services and infrastructure sectors, and has several groundbreaking achievements to its credit: establishing and operating the Ashkelon desalination plant and the Efeh landfill, partnership in Israel’s first privately owned power station – OPC Mishor Rotem, managing the Ayalon Wastewater Treatment Plant, and additional large-scale projects. Veridis also provides advanced waste collection services to local authorities, organizations and industry.

The company was founded in 1993, as part of the activity by Veolia International – the world’s largest environmental services corporation – and was acquired by Oaktree Capital Management in 2015.

Veridis remains committed to its mission to provide world-class solutions, advancing the field of environmental infrastructure in Israel.