Our Value-Add

Local expertise, knowledge and relationships are critical elements for the successful planning, implementing and managing of large-scale infrastructure investments. Investing in a regulated sector also requires specialist know-how and a high level of integrity. Our investment team consists of top-notch project finance and infrastructure professionals, with years of in-depth experience & proven results in Israel’s leading infrastructure projects.

In-Depth Financial Expertise

Financial expertise is necessary to actively manage capital structure as the business grows or market conditions change. Our management program includes significant involvement in equity investments, asset management, M&A, debt financing, corporate management and government.

Extensive Operational Experience

Operational expertise helps drive the key strategic and operating activities of a business. Our general partners and investment team have been personally involved with most of the leading infrastructure assets in Israel, through every stage of their development. We apply our combined operational competencies to provide hands-on support and pro-actively guide, build and grow our portfolio companies. As a general rule we actively participate on the boards of all our portfolio companies.

Active and Supportive Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee is chaired by Mr. Avraham Shochat, Israel’s former Minister of Finance & Infrastructure, and includes prominent experts from diverse key and vertical industries. We harness their full capabilities and connections to provide our portfolio companies unprecedented access to developers, financiers, strategic partners, industry experts, contractors and customers.

Meticulous and Disciplined Investment Approach

Our well networked team actively searches for the right investment opportunities, analyzing them using a comprehensive and consistent due diligence process.

Co-Investment Opportunities

We offer our investors the opportunity to co-invest in many of our assets (Dalia Power Energies, Derech Eretz, Highway 431) and using our extensive expertise, lead and manage the co-investment vehicles on behalf of our partners.